Red Hat Ceph 3 Storage Architecture and Administration (CEPH125)

Learn how to deploy, manage, and scale out a Ceph storage cluster   
Red Hat Ceph 3 Storage Architecture and Administration (CEPH125) helps you provide unified storage for enterprise servers and Red Hat® OpenStack Platform with Red Hat Ceph Storage. Learn to use a Ceph storage cluster to provide servers and cloud resources with object storage compatible with the Amazon S3 or OpenStack Swift APIs, Ceph-native or iSCSI-based block storage, and file storage using CephFS.

This course is based on Red Hat Ceph Storage 3.0, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4/7.5, and Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10.0.

Course overview   
Red Hat Ceph 3 Storage Architecture and Administration (CEPH125) is designed for storage administrators or cloud operators who intend to deploy Red Hat Ceph Storage to their production data center environment or OpenStack installation.

Course content summary                          

  • Deploying and managing a Red Hat Ceph Storage cluster on commodity servers using Ansible.
  • Creating, expanding, and controlling access to storage pools provided by the Ceph cluster.
  • Accessing Red Hat Ceph Storage from clients using object, block, and file-based methods.
  • Analyzing and tuning Red Hat Ceph Storage performance.
  • Integrating OpenStack image, object, block, and file storage with a Red Hat Ceph Storage cluster.

Prepare for Red Hat Ceph Storage
Identify challenges faced by traditional storage and explain how Ceph addresses them.
Deploy Red Hat Ceph Storage
Deploy and expand the storage capacity of a new Red Hat Ceph Storage cluster.
Configure Red Hat Ceph Storage
Manage how Ceph stores data with pools, configure Red Hat Ceph Storage using its configuration file, and configure users for Ceph clients that may access the Ceph storage cluster.
Provide block storage with RBD
Configure Ceph to provide block storage for clients by using RADOS block devices (RBDs).
Provide object storage with RADOSGW
Configure Ceph to provide object storage for clients by using a RADOS gateway (RADOSGW or RGW).
Provide file storage with CephFS
Configure Ceph to provide file storage for clients using the Ceph Filesystem (CephFS).
Configure the CRUSH map
Adjust the CRUSH map—which controls how data is stored, replicated, and distributed across OSDs in the Ceph cluster—in order to optimize resiliency and performance.
Manage and update the cluster maps
Explain how the monitor and OSD maps are managed in order to maintain cluster operation, quorum, and consistency.
Manage a Red Hat Ceph Storage cluster
Check Ceph cluster status, troubleshoot Ceph daemon problems, and upgrade Ceph software.
Tune and troubleshoot Red Hat Ceph Storage
Identify the key performance metrics for a Ceph cluster and use them to help tune and troubleshoot the operating system and Ceph software for optimal performance.
Integrate Red Hat Ceph Storage with OpenStack
Configure an OpenStack cloud to use Ceph to provide image, block, object, and file storage.

Note: Course outline is subject to change with technology advances and as the nature of the underlying job evolves. For questions or confirmation on a specific objective or topic, please contact a training specialist online.

Audience for this course
This course is intended for storage administrators, cloud operators, and cloud developers who want to learn how to deploy and manage Red Hat Ceph Storage for use by servers in an enterprise data center or within a Red Hat OpenStack Platform environment.

Prerequisites for this course

  • Be certified as a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), or demonstrate equivalent experience
  • Some experience with storage administration is recommended, but not required

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Red Hat Ceph 3 Storage Architecture and Administration with exam (CEPH126)

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Red Hat Ceph Storage Architecture and Administration (CEPH125)

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